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Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes, owner of HERS, Inc., is a  RESNET certified HERS Energy Rater, Green Rater, Rater Trainer, QA Designee and member of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). Ron has held a Class B HVACR license in Arkansas.


Ron teaches continuing education classes for real estate professionals and appraisers on recognizing, selling, and valuing energy efficiency.


He was first certified as an energy auditor in 1981 by the State of Missouri. He has been a residential energy efficiency consultant since 1983 when on contract to the Arkansas Energy Office. 


Ron served as chair of the mayoral appointed Little Rock Sustainability Commission in 2016 and has served as both vice-chair of the Commission and co-chair of the Built Environment Committee.


Ron has been involved in developing, implementing and managing HERS programs since 1987 as Director of Energy Rated Homes of Arkansas, a nonprofit organization funded by the Arkansas Energy Office. Based on the early work of Western Resources in the Pacific Northwest, ERHA was the first state-sponsored HERS program in the country for new and existing homes. He was later president of Energy Rated Homes of America (ERHA) and was instrumental in establishing HERS programs in numerous states. ERHA was rebranded RESNET in 1995 as the Energy Services Network (RESNET), and has grown to be the rating system for homes in the country. The goal was a national, uniform home rating system. It has happened.  

Greg Stockton

Greg Stockton is a Project Manager for HERS, Inc. who assists with energy ratings, Capital Needs Assessments, and accessibility transition plans on multifamily and single-family projects. 

Richard Costello

Richard Costello is a certified RESNET Energy Rater and contractor to HERS, Inc. with over 40 years of residential building, multifamily construction, and remodeling experience.  

Besides his ability to perform inspections and prepare inspection reports, his talents range from building codes, energy codes and building standards to ensuring compliance with codes and OSHA, local pollution controls, and on-site safety rules. Richard Costello is a contractor to HERS, Inc. as well as a certified home inspector.