Multi-family One Stop Shop

​HERS, Inc. has done energy audits for housing authorities and USDA Rural Development (RD) properties since the 1990’s. Most recently, HUD started requiring ASHRAE Level II energy audits, so HERS, Inc. has added duct leakage and blower door testing to the previous clipboard audit. Energy audits include recommendations and estimated cost of improvements. 



Starting with USDA Rural Development (RD) properties, HERS, Inc, has provided Self Evaluations for accessibility compliance using the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard (UFAS).  Since then, HERS, Inc. has provided accessibility assessments for Housing Authorities and most of the RD properties in Arkansas and surrounding states. 


Capital Needs Assessments

HERS, Inc. provides physical needs assessments (PNAs) for HUD properties and capital needs assessments (CNAs) for RD properties. 


Mold & Moisture

When newly built multi-family properties have had mold issues due to tight units, inadequate ventilation, and oversized HVAC systems. HERS, Inc. can diagnose the problems and help with the solution. 


Utility Allowances

HERS, Inc. provides utility allowances for existing properties based on billing history. For new construction or rehabbed units with no billing history, HERS, Inc. relies on energy rating software to calculate utility costs.


LIHTC & HOME funds

HERS, Inc. assists developers applying for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) or HOME funds by providing CNAs for rehab, energy efficiency consulting services for both rehab and new construction. HERS, Inc. is approved by the Arkansas Development Finance Authority as a CNA Provider.


Energy Rated Dwellings Perform Better

When ADFA required new construction meet Energy Star standards and awarded bonus points based on the HERS Index, testing was required for verification and developers built the most energy efficient projects and low-energy cost in ADFA history. 


Duct Leakage

 In testing duct leakage, HERS, Inc. discovered duct leakage often tested worse after rehab than before. Since then, HERS, Inc. has requires a ”class” at rehab pre-construction meetings to ensure subs don’t sabotage someone else’s work out of ignorance. Those classes have made a big difference in comfort and lower energy costs.