HERS, Inc. was incorporated in January 3, 1995 for the purpose of promoting and providing energy rating new homes. Soon afterwards, the DOE sponsored HERS Council finalized requirements of a home energy rating system. With support of the State Energy Offices, the Energy Services Network (RESNET) was established in late 1995 for the purpose of overseeing the national, uniform home energy rating system (HERS). Over two million houses have now been energy rated in the U.S. to date.

The mission of HERS, Inc. expanded to include energy audits of existing homes, accessibility inspections, and both Physical and Capital Needs assessments of multifamily properties. In addition, HERS, Inc. can assist developers to meet their energy performance or HERS Index targets and verify compliance.  

HERS Inc. continues to provide consulting, training and continuing ed for the housing industry. Training topics range from building science to energy codes and health and safety. Certifications for buildings can include ENERGY Star Home certification for qualifying homes. In addition, HERS Inc, can provide the required training and help with credentialing of RESNET Energy Rater and Rater Field Inspector candidates.   

The Father of the HERS

Sometimes referred to as the ”Father of the HERS,” Ron Hughes started beating the drum in 1987 for every new home to have an energy rating on the front door like miles-per-gallon labels on cars. The goal was a national, uniform home rating system (HERS). With funding from the Arkansas Energy Office under Bill Clinton, Arkansas rolled out the first state-sponsored HERS program in the nation. Since then, it has grown to a national program with over two million homes that have been energy rated in the U.S. to date and other countries in Europe plus Australia have followed suit.