Looking for a home? Want to build a house? Designing a home? Does good air quality, low energy bills and comfort rank high? Looking for a builder? Do you have problems with your existing home? Want some help? You’ve come to the right place. 


Existing homes 

What’s the problem? High energy bills? Discomfort? Moisture and mold? Need advice on upgrades? HERS, Inc. provides energy audits that range from a walk-through to duct leakage testing, blower door testing for infiltration. Need some advice from someone not trying to sell you something?  That’s us. 


Designing or Building a home?

If good air quality, low energy bills and comfort rank high, get HERS, Inc. involved from the beginning and get your house energy rated. 


Looking for a Builder?

HERS, Inc. has energy rated a thousand or more houses and apartments in Arkansas and surrounding states. We know a lot of builders and can comment on builders who’s homes we have energy rated. Most all build beautiful homes, but we tend to recommend builders who have all their home energy rated. That says to us they are proud of their homes, don’t fear being inspected or tested, care about their reputation and care enough about the people who will buy their homes to spend the money to be energy rated and performance tested.