I think we have all learned some things together through the years. I think most builders would agree. The bad news is we still do not get value for the extra cost of building a higher performance house with a lower energy costs, and I do not believe there is a builder who would disagree with that. For as long as you have known promote energy rating new house, you have heard they say he will never get value until all houses are graded.   


Our state or local association has opposed writing houses for years now and guess what? We are still not getting value for the added cost. The main opposition seem to be because the city or state was making it mandatory. If that is a problem, I have a solution.


I have been I member, or otherwise involved with the HBA Association, ever since the 1970s, when Tommie Wright sat on the inter-G rated homes of Arkansas, when we rolled out the first version of a home energy rating in Arkansas. I was on the Green Bill committee and helped build our own Green Bill code to the national green building standard.  There have been times when the association was against things I was for, and I had no desire to resume membership, but I always seem to come back. I believe now more than ever that energy rating new homes benefits builders.