Since 1995 HERS, Inc. has provided residential building systems consulting, training, inspections, and testing for energy efficiency in single-family homes and multi-family buildings in Arkansas and around the country.  

What is a HERS Rating?

A HERS Rating is very much like a car's MPG and is basically a score of the house's energy efficiency and estimated monthly utility costs. Dozens of other reports can be generated including detailed energy features, tons of greenhouse gas emissions and/or reductions, code compliance, tax credit documentation, etc. Both new and existing homes can have a HERS Rating performed. To have a house "rated" you need a certified HERS Rater who will review your house plans (or inspect and measure up an existing home), model the home with the energy features and performance test duct leakage and the home's tightness.  Many municipalities currently require a HERS Rating to verify building code compliance. Fayetteville, Arkansas is the first in Arkansas.​​

The HERS® Index Chart
What does a HERS Rating typically cost?

Staring at $695 a HERS Rating typically includes energy consulting, plan review and software modeling as well as interim inspections during construction, performance testing at final and certifying paperwork or reports. Energy rating of an existing house as is starts at $495.

The HERS, Inc. House Logo

The six alternating solid and broken lines of the HERS, Inc.™ logo is taken from The I Ching in which Hexagram 63: Chi Chi/After Completion describes a state in which "all forces are in balance and work in harmony" and "the transition from confusion to order is completed, and everything is in its proper place even in particulars." This could describe the consummation of an integrated, "whole house" approach to comfort, efficiency and the environment. The result would be a sustainable, safe, healthy and comfortable home performing at peak efficiency and lower operating cost.