Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Arkansas


Sharon Poe, Executive Director - Jonesboro Housing Authority
Niki Wass has conducted Capital Needs Assessments and worked for the Jonesboro Housing Authority as a HERS Rater for an on-going Tax Credit development, Jonesboro Sunset Gardens, Jonesboro, Arkansas. In providing service for this project, Niki has exhibited superior self-initiative, inter-personal skills, and a strong desire to provide the highest quality of service. These are all traits that ensure success in our project meeting the Energy Rating promised as a part of our grant contract with the Arkansas Development Finace Authority.
Ryan Weymouth, Augusta.
Having built us a custom kitchen some years back, I didn't think twice before calling him to come do some energy efficiency work on my aging cape. After conducting a thorough and (extremely) informative energy audit, ___ assessed that the most cost-effective improvements I could make would be some simple air sealing and improved attic insulation -- he didn't try to sell any expensive windows or talk me into having work done that didn't need to be done.  After making the recommended improvements (which were quick and affordable), I can already feel the difference in my home.  It's more comfortable, less drafty, and although it's still early to… (read more)
James Chase, Oak Hill.
I hired ___ to do some insulation work at my house, as I had heard that attic insulation was one of the best ways to cut heating costs, and __ came highly recommended from a friend. After assessing the space he concluded that we'd be better served to start with air sealing - a relatively quick and easy job, and much easier to add before the insulation goes in.  I dug into some research and concluded he was right. He got the job done meticulously and quickly, with a small, extremely courteous and professional crew, and the effects are immediately apparent.  __ is a fantastic contractor with a… (read more)